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Here are some excellent resources on ghost lights and paranormal subjects.

Illuminating the Darkness:
The Mystery of Spook Lights
Dale D Kaczmarek 
A look at the mystery of spooklights around the world. Strange unexplainable lights have been reported from the dawn of time. The author attempts to explain the phenomena through actual reports, eye-witnesses and photographs.

The Amazing Cloverdale, Alabama Spooklight Mystery
Wyatt Cox
A fascinating and persuasive look that summarizes and documents years of field research into the Spooklights seen near Cloverdale, Alabama. Written by an experienced investigator who witnessed more than 180  of the large eight-foot diameter yellowish-orange glowing orbs.

Hunting Marfa Lights
James Bunnell
The results of an eight-year investigation into mysterious lights seen near Marfa, a small West Texas town. This is, to date, the only long-term, extensive study of these phenomena.  Included in this 311-page book are 34 firsthand accounts from eyewitnesses and more than 120 illustrations and photographs.

Haunted Heritage
Michael Norman & Beth Scott

A definitive collection of North American ghost stories with a large section on ghost lights. This is a great collection of stories that is both entertaining and informative.

Anthony W. Reevy
Ninety ghostly tales of the rails are illustrated with period photos and artwork specially commissioned for this volume. Tony Reevy's interesting writing and careful research bring these legends of yesteryear to life in this strangely entertaining book; feel the shivers run up and down your spine.

Dixie Spirits: True Tales of the Strange and Supernatural in the South
Christopher K. Coleman
A collection of sixty-two ghost stories and other accounts of the unexplained from below the Mason-Dixon Line. Covering both the past and present, these stories some of the most famous hauntings of all time as well as an assortment of anomalies that continue to defy speculation.

America's Nightmare Monsters

Phillip Rife
Documented cases of 23 little-known creatures and spooky phenomena

South Carolina Ghosts: From the Coast to the Mountains

Nancy Roberts
Eighteen stories based upon actual events including the famous Gray Man of Pawley's Island, the hitchhiker of Hwy 107, and the Land's End Light.

How to Hunt Ghosts : A Practical Guide

Joshua P. Warren
Teaches the novice the basics including how to treat the paranormal as any other scientific field. Breaks down the theories and explains the tools of the trade.

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