Saturday, August 15, 2015

Arkansas Ghost Lights

Booger Lights: Some Arkansas Ghost Lights

  • Batesville - Liberty Baptist Church/Cemetery - Mysterious lights in the cemetery. Camden - The Amy Light 
  • Camden - The Railroad Track Light - On Halloween night a mysterious light always appears on the tracks across the street from the Pepsi building. 
  • Clarendon - Monroe County Courthouse - Lights along the levee that lead to where four lynched murders were buried on the river.
  • Historical Crossett (old) - Light on an old removed railroad bed
  • Crossett (new) - Light on an old removed railroad bed
  • Dover - Multiple lights over Long Pool on Big Piney Creek
  • Grant County - Prague Cemetery - Off Prague Road Disembodied voices, lights and a ghost train that passes through the cemetery. 
  • Gurdon - Light on an active railroad
  • Hector - The Rock Springs Cemetery Light
  • Ico - Ico Cemetery - Off Grant 58 Reports of lights and tombstones moving, with a phantom car pursuing visitors.
  • Little Rock - A phantom motorcycle zooms up out of no where and vanishes as it passes motorists on Woodson Lateral Road. 
  • Leola - Jenkin's Ferry Battlefield- Reports of orbs and the sounds of a battle emanating from the surrounding woods 
  • Marks Mill Battlefield- Cleveland County Strange Lights and rumored hauntings.
  • Mena/Potter - Billy's Bridge – Disembodied voices and weird lights are experienced. 
  • Mena - Rich Mountain light
  • Melbourne - Strange lights are seen in the Old Philadelphia Cemetery.
  • Natural Steps -
  • Sardis - Strange light along a pipeline

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